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Our Vital Staff Newsletter is trusted by over 8,000 teachers and educational staff each week.


Since 2006, our newsletter has offered health and wellbeing support for staff and students in schools.

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Our Story

Established in 1993 and based in Adelaide, Australia, DMD Education Resource Services is committed to providing useful and meaningful resources to support those involved in education.

Our philosophy is to provide innovative resources that encourage, support and even inspire school staff.

Our flagship is the Vital Staff Newsletter with its focus on the health and wellbeing of staff and students. Some of the articles offer insights into the need for staff to protect their health and wellbeing. Other articles will help teachers and members of staff to understand the difficulties of their students and offer constructive and practical ideas for the provision of high quality pastoral care.

What Schools Say About Us

We have subscribed to Vital Newsletter for a number of years and find them a source of weekly inspiration.
Our staff regularly comment on their usefulness in terms of challenging the way they think about students and themselves.

Richard Fairley  Principal  Townsville Grammar School

At our K-12 Catholic College every staff member receives their personal copy of the Vital Staff Newsletter in Monday’s inbox.
It inspires, informs and cheers us on to be a force for good in our learning community.

Theresa Davis   Head of Religious Ed.  Ursula Frayne Catholic College

We have been subscribing to Vital Staff for several years. It is beneficial in that the articles, quotes and advice are always relevant to current issues that staff in schools face. It is great that we can open an email on Monday morning and have advice to assist us with issues we are facing in that very week. Furthermore that a newsletter focuses on the Wellbeing of staff and students alike is fantastic. We wouldn’t be without it.     

Jessica Sergeant   Associate Principal  Ballarat High School

Each week all staff at Emmaus are forwarded a Vital Staff Newsletter by the Principal. The commonsense, professional approach of the educators who produce the materials enable teachers and other school staff to reflect on practical matters that are directly relevant to the classroom and to building good relationships with students, peers and parents.  Such a beneficial publication is to be warmly recommended.

Clifford Samuel   Senior English/Religion Teacher  Emmaus College