About Vital Staff Newsletter

A weekly Newsletter (since 2006) with articles related to the wellbeing of staff and students in schools.
Articles are brief and to the point and therefore more likely to be read and discussed on a regular basis by your staff.
Subscriptions are less than $3(AUD) each week of the school year…that’s less than $3 a week for your entire staff, not $3 for each person!
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Here are some free samples of the Vital Staff Newsletter for you to download.

How Schools are using Vital Staff Newsletter

Each week, Vital Staff Newsletter will arrive in the inbox of the nominated Contact Person. They forward the Newsletter to all, or selected members, of your staff.
Some schools choose to save it to a school server and send a link to staff.
A school leader might use the information from the Newsletter for small or large group staff PD, discussion or reflection. A print-out in hard copy for each staff member is sometimes the preferred method of distribution.

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